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Create Your Own STEAM Punk Light Sculpture!


STEAM Punk Lights!

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Overview of Challenge ~ Dancing With the Bots!

  • First Level: Review Other's STEAM Punk Light Sculptures!Think about what you would like to create and create a line drawing.
  • Second Level: Budget Your Project and Revise.Review the parts available, think about size and about how the sculpture will be posed so that it doesn't fall over.

    Start a spreadsheet with the parts that you need and a count of how many, and what they will cost. Determine what the total cost will be, and revise your plan if it is unaffordable.
  • Third Level: Purchase Materials and Begin to AssembleLoosely construct your sculpture and check balance without the light bulbs and wiring. Adjust as necessary. Dissassemble torso to add wiring and light socket(s).If there are any splices or wiring that needs to be cut or stripped of insulation -review with teacher before reassembling.
  • Fourth Level: Get Lit!Plug in your STEAM Punk Light Sculpture, turn off the room lights and draw a crowd to the light!
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