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Ed Tech Thoughts on the Space Coast

Not as Easy as You Might Think

assessment: It is not as easy as you might think.
This blog entry is really more about sharing what I have recently run across concerning standardized, high stakes testing.

I just hope that by sharing this one more time, one more place that we can move the pendulum back to a more centrist position. We -the public, the citizens- should be involved and aware of the Public Education System – whether we have or don't have children:
  • Public education is a large part of the state and local budget. You are paying for this. It is an an expensive endeavor.
  • Public education is one of the answers to social stability. (Notice I didn't say the answer.)
  • Public education is opportunity for all segments of our society.
  • Public education is an important part of our social fabric. It is where we learn about and develop relationships with others.
  • Public education is one of the key places that we identify and display what our society beliefs and values are.

The first article reveals that the stress of the last "big, high stakes tests" was in vain. The tests themselves and the manner in which they were deployed was a failure:
Tampa Times editorial: Florida's Student Tests Deserve an F

The final thing is a conversation amongst thought leaders in education, psychology, metrics and cognition. Every politician that has become beholden to the textbook/testing lobby should watch this discussion!
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