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X-Sinner: Peace Treaty

  • X-Sinner: Peace Treaty
  • X-Sinner: Peace Treaty
Like New - no scratches
10 Songs 45 Minutes
$15 on Amazon
five star review:
The second album, following their dynamite debut "Get It", this 1991 was a great throwback to straight up hard rock. Again it's got more of the AC/DC style, and more like early High and Dry era Def Leppard on some tracks. While 1991 was the height of copycat bland hairbands, X/Sinner was putting out uncompromising solid hard rock. The cassette is still in my collection. It was quite a chore trying to hunt down the CD of this albums. Finally, I scored a used one for almost $30, but it is worth it.

Call Me Christian 3:43
Lookout Mountain 3:56
Alice Fell 4:40
Catalyst 3:29
May Day 3:49
The Letter 3:14
Sweep My Mind 2:39
Tender Love 5:44
Things I Cannot Keep 3:24
Communion 3:45
Lord I'll Follow 3:29

This CD has been played less than 5 times and has been tested to play all the way through. You are purchasing a legitimate original pressing - I have not retained a digital copy in my personal record collection.


X-Sinner: Peace Treaty


X-Sinner: Peace Treaty Physical Copy and Digital Copy emailed


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