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Ed Tech Thoughts on the Space Coast


Yea, I am tired of Farmville!

I am a longtime fan of social networks- I think that social networking is one of the paradigm shifters of this age. But seriously Facebook, do I have to see this stuff everytime I check in?

I want to keep up to date with my friends, but some of these idiotic ‘games’, ‘apps’, ‘surveys’, ‘profiles’, ‘trivia challenges’, etc. are getting terribly tedious and annoying.

I would rather know that you had a bagel for breakfast, than that you have a ‘Virtual Aquarium’. ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!

Facebook, is there any way to opt out of such idiocy? I don’t want to dump my friends and sometimes they have something worthwhile to day... I don’t want to judge their use of time- every should give their brain a vacation occasionally, but come on!!!